Jack Long, who benefited the local area tremendously by creating the Fontana Foundation of Hope, died recently at the age of 83.

Long, who lived in Fontana for more than four decades, won the Powerball jackpot in 2014 and said: “Fontana has been very good to me, so I plan on giving back to the community.”

He kept his word by establishing the foundation the following year in order to provide support to young people, veterans, senior citizens, and various community projects.

“My father was a very big-hearted person,” said his daughter, Jacque Long. “He did whatever he could to help whoever was in need. He was the best father anybody could have ever asked for.”

She said the foundation has given away at least $5 million since its inception.

Much of the money has gone to the San Bernardino County Children’s Fund as well as baseball and softball leagues and school district programs.

Erin Phillips, the former president of Children’s Fund, praised Long and the other board members of the foundation: “Their hearts are huge and their desire to support children facing crisis is really inspiring — what a wonderful way to invest in their own community.”

Because of his generosity, Long has received several awards, including being named one of “A Few Good Men” by the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House.

Jacque Long said the foundation’s good work will continue as a way of honoring her father.

“We want to carry on with his legacy,” she said.

Fontana Herald News Article date: Aug 24, 2022